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  • 2017

Andrieu S., Brigaud B., Barbarand J., Lasseur E., 2017. Linking early diagenesis and sedimentary facies to sequence stratigraphy on a prograding oolitic wedge : the Bathonian of western France (Aquitaine Basin). Marine and Petroleum Geology. 81, 169-195

Hatem, E., Tribovillard, N., Averbuch, O., Bout-Roumazeilles, V., Trentesaux, A., Deconinck, J.-F., Baudin, F. Adatte, T., 2017. Small-scaled lateral variations of an organic-rich formation in a ramp-type depositional environment (the Late Jurassic of the Boulonnais, France): impact of the clastic supply, Bull. Soc. géol. Fr., 188, 5, 31

Bastianini, L., Caline, B., Hoareau, G., Bonnel, C., Martinez, M., Lézin, C., Baudin, F., Brasier, A., Guy, L., 2018. Sedimentary characterization of the carbonate source rock of Upper Kimmeridgian Parnac Formation of the Aquitaine Basin (Quercy area). Bull. Soc. géol. Fr., 188, 5, 32

Vincent, B., Brigaud, B., Emmanuel, L., Loreau, J.-P., 2017. High resolution ion microprobe investigation of the δ18O of carbonate cements (Jurassic, Paris Basin, France) : new insights and pending questions. Sedimentary Geology. 350, 42-54

  • 2016

Andrieu, S., Brigaud, B., Barbarand J., Lasseur, E., Saucède T., 2016. Disentangling the control of tectonics, eustasy, trophic conditions and climate on shallow-marine carbonate production during the Aalenian-Oxfordian interval : from the western France platform to the western Tethyan domain. Sedimentary Geology. 345, 54-84

Carpentier, C.,  Hadouth,. S., Bouaziz, S., Lathuilière, B., Rubino, J.L., 2016. Basin geodynamics and sequence stratigraphy of Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic deposits of central and southern Tunisia.  Journal of African Earth Sciences. 117: 358–388.

Gigoux, M., Brigaud, B., Pagel, M., Delpech, G., Guerrot, C., Augé, T., Négrel, P., 2016. Genetic constraints on world-class carbonate- and siliciclastic-hosted stratabound fluorite deposits in Burgundy (France) inferred from mineral paragenetic sequence and fluid inclusion studies. Ore Geology Reviews. 72, 940-962 news INSU-CNRS

Lathuilière, B., 2016. ORAGE Lorraine, un projet participatif pour le patrimoine géologique régional. Communication Académie Lorraine des Sciences 10 mars 2016

  • 2015

Putra, A.S., Souare, I.S., Lathuilière, B., 2015. Ecrouves: Carrière de la Côte.
Contribution ORAGE originale à la Banque de données du sous-sol, n°5. 8 p.

Mourey, M., Daoussa, Y. & Lathuilière, B., 2015. Germiny : Carrière Contribution ORAGE originale à la Banque de données du sous-sol  n°6. 8 p.

Gretz, M., Lathuilière, B. & Martini, R. (online 2014 paper 2015) – A new coral with simplified morphology from the oldest known Hettangian (Early Jurassic) reef in southern France. Acta Paleontologica Polonica vol. 60/2, 277-286.

Lathuilière, B., 2015. Revision of Jurassic coral genera: state of the art. 12 th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera, Muscat, Oman. Abstract, p.14

Lathuilière, B., 2015. Révision des coraux jurassiques, état de l’art. Journées scientifiques du GFEJ, Biodiversité, stratigraphie et paléogéographie du Jurassique. Dijon  9-10 avril 2015, livre des résumés,  p. 22-23

Lathuilière, B., Bartier, D., Bonnemaison, M., Boullier, A., Carpentier, C., Elie, M., Gaillard, C., Gauthier-Lafaye, F., Grosheny, D., Hantzpergue, P., Hautevelle, Y., Huault, V., Lefort, A., Malartre, F., Mosser-Ruck, R., Nori, L., Trouiller, A., Werner, W., 2015. Deciphering the history of climate and sea level in the Kimmeridgian deposits of Bure (eastern Paris Basin). Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 433 (2015) 20–48.

Martinez, M., Dera, G., 2015. Orbital pacing of carbon fluxes by a ∼9-My eccentricity cycle during the Mesozoic. PNAS, 112 (41), 12604-12609

Regnet, J-B., Robion, P., David, C., Fortin, J., Brigaud, B., Yven, B., 2015. Acoustic and reservoir properties of microporous carbonate rocks : implication of micrite particle size and morphology. Journal of Geophysical Research : Solid Earth. 120, 790-811

Zaman, S., Lathuilière, B. 2015 a new type of wall in plocoid corals. 12 th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera, Muscat, Oman. Abstract p. 10

  • 2014

Bardot, N., Ibraima, D., Lathuilière, B., 2014. Chaligny, carrière de la Vierge. Contribution ORAGE originale à la Banque de données du sous-sol n°2.
Bardot, N., Lathuilière, B., 2014.  Villey-le-Sec : bassins d’infiltration. Contribution ORAGE originale à la Banque de données du sous-sol n°3.

Blaise, T., Barbarand, J., Kars M., Ploquin, F., Aubourg, C., Brigaud, B., Cathelineau, M., El Albani, A., Gautheron, C., Izart, A., Janots, D., Michels, R., Pagel, M., Pozzi, J.-P., Boiron, M.-C., Landrein P. 2014. Reconstruction of low burial (< 100 °C) in sedimentary basins: A comparison of geothermometer sensitivity in the intracontinental Paris Basin. Marine and Petroleum Geology. 53: 71-87

Boulila S., Galbrun B., Huret E., Hinnov L.A., Rouget I., Gardin S., Bartolini A. 2014. Astronomical calibration of the Toarcian Stage : implications for sequence stratigraphy and the duration of the Early Toarcian OAE. Earth Planetary Science Letters, 386, 98-114

Brigaud, B., Vincent, B., Carpentier, C., Robin, C., Guillocheau, F., Yven, B., Huret, E. 2014., Growth and demise of the Jurassic carbonate platform in the intracratonic Paris Basin (France): interplay of climate change, eustasy and tectonics. Marine and Petroleum Geology. 53: 3-29

Brigaud, B., Vincent, B., Durlet, C., Deconinck, J.-F., Jobard, E., Pickard, N., Yven, B., Landrein, P., 2014. Characterization and origin of permeability-porosity heterogeneity in shallow-marine carbonates : from core scale to 3D reservoir dimension (Middle Jurassic, Paris Basin, France). Marine and Petroleum Geology. 57, 631-651

Carpentier, C., Brigaud, B., Blaise, T., Vincent, B., Durlet, C., Boulvais, P., Pagel, M., Hibsch, C., Yven, B., Lach, P., Cathelineau, M., Boiron, M-C., Landrein, P., Buschaert, S., 2014. Impact of basin burial and exhumation on Jurassic carbonates diagenesis on both sides of a thick clay barrier (Paris Basin, NE France), Marine and Petroleum Geology, 53: 44-70

Chupeau, J., Nze, N. & Lathuilière, B., 2014. Frouard : Carrière des Essarts Contribution ORAGE originale à la Banque de données du sous-sol, n°4, p.1-5.

Hermoso, M
., Delsate, D., Baudin, F., Le Callonnec, L., Minoletti, F., Renard, M. and Faber, A., 2014. Record of Early Toarcian carbon cycle perturbations in a nearshore environment: the Bascharage section (eastermost Paris Basin). Solid Earth, 5, 793-804

Hermoso, M. and Pellenard, P., 2014. Continental weathering and climatic changes inferred from clay mineralogy and paired carbon isotopes across the early to middle Toarcian in the Paris Basin. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 399, 385-393

Lathuilière, B. & Carpentier, C., 2014. La Pierre d’Euville-Lérouville. in Gély, J.P. & Hanot, F. :  Le bassin parisien, un nouveau regard sur la géologie. Bulletin d’information des géologues du bassin de Paris, Mém. H.S. n° 9, p. 163

Lathuilière, B., 2014. Carrière de Marbache Contribution ORAGE originale à la Banque de données du sous-sol n° 1
Lathuilière, B., 2014. ORAGE Lorraine, un projet participatif pour le patrimoine géologique régional, Colloque 12-14 novembre 2014 Paris Géologie du Bassin parisien, le cinquantenaire de l’AGBP.

Le Roux  J. &  Lathuilière, B., 2014. Le Jurassique moyen de l’Est du Bassin parisien. in Gély, J.P. & Hanot, F. : Le bassin parisien, un nouveau regard sur la géologie Bulletin d’information des géologues du bassin de Paris, Mém. H.S. n° 9, p. 157

Pellenard, P., Tramoy, R., Pucéat, E., Huret, E., Martinez, M., Bruneau, L., Thierry, J., 2014. Carbon cycle and sea-water palaeotemperature evolution at the Middle-Late Jurassic transition, eastern Paris Basin (France). Marine and Petroleum Geology. 53: 30-43

Schlögl, J., Tomašovich, A., Ivanova, D., Lathuilière, B., Villier, L. & Golej, M., 2014. Middle Jurassic coral biohermal limestones from pelagic carbonate platforms (Pieniny Klippen Basin, Western Carpathians) 9th international Congress on the Jurassic System, Abstract, Beringeria, special issue 8, p. 179-180.

Zaman S. & Lathuilière, B., 2014. A lectotype for Cyathophora richardi Michelin 1843 Zootaxa. 3795 (2): 198–200

  • 2013

Gretz, M., Lathuilière, B., Martini, R., Bartolini, A., 2013. The Hettangian corals of the Isle of Skye (Scotland): An opportunity to better understand the palaeoenvironmental conditions during the aftermath of the Triassic-Jurassic boundary crisis. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 376: 132-148

Hermoso, M., Minoletti, F. and Pellenard, P., 2013. Black shale deposition during Toarcian super-greenhouse driven by sea level. Climate of the Past, 9, pp. 2703-2712

Lezin, C., Andreu, B., Pellenard, P., Bouchez, J.L., Emmanuel, L., Faure, P., Landrein, P., 2013. Geochemical disturbance and paleoenvironmental changes during the Early Toarcian in NW Europe. Chemical Geology, 341: 1-15

Makhloufi, Y., Collin, P.-Y., Bergerat, F., Casteleyn, L., Claes, S., David, C., Menendez, B., Monna, F., Robion, P., Sizun, J.-P., Swennen, R., Rigollet, C. 2013. Impact of sedimentology and diagenesis on the petrophysical properties of a tight oolitic carbonate reservoir. The case of the Oolithe Blanche Formation (Bathonian, Paris Basin, France), Marine and Petroleum Geology. 48: 323–340

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Pellenard, P., Nomade, S.,Martire, L., De Oliveira Ramalho, F., Monna, F and Guillou, H. 2013. The first 40Ar–39Ar date from Oxfordian ammonite-calibrated volcanic layers (bentonites) as a tie-point for the Late Jurassic. Geological Magazine, 150: 1136-1142

Quiquerez A., Sarih S., Allemand P. & Garcia J.-P., 2013. Fault rate controls on carbonate gravity-flow deposits of the Liassic of Central High Atlas (Morocco). Marine and Petroleum Geology, 43, 349-369

  •  2012

Carpentier, C., Lathuilière, B., Olivier, N., Huault, V., Lefort, A., France-Lanord, C. & Yudin, S., 2013. Evolution des environnements de rampe externe dans le Jurassique supérieur de Crimée (Ukraine). 14ème congrès français de sédimentologie, livre des résumés, Association des sédimentologistes français, p. 71

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Fortwengler, D., Marchand, D., Bonnot, A., Jardat, R. & Raynaud, D. 2012. Proposal for the Thuoux section as a candidate for the GSSP of the base of the Oxfordian stage. Carnets de Géologie [Notebooks on Geology], Article 2012/06 (CG2012_A06), p. 117-136

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Léonide P., Floquet M., Durlet C., Baudin F., Pittet B., Lécuyer C., 2012. Drowning of a carbonate platform as a precursor stage of the Early Toarcian global anoxic event (Southern Provence sub-Basin, South-east France). Sedimentology, 59: 156-184

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  • 2011

Bergerat, F., Collin, P.Y., Ganzhorn, A.C., Baudin, F., Galbrun, B., Rouget, I., Schnyder, J., 2011. Instability structures, synsedimentary faults and turbidites, witnesses of a Liassic seismotectonic activity in the Dauphiné Zone (French Alps); A case example in the Lower Pliensbachian at Saint-Michel en Beaumont. Journal of Geodynamics, 51: 344-357

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  • 2010

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  • 2009

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