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14th International Jurassica Conference and Workshop of the ICS Berriasian Group, FIRST CIRCULAR

We are pleased to present you the first circular for the 14th International Jurassica Conference held in the conference rooms of the Comenius University´s Science Park in Bratislava on June 10–14, 2019. The Jurassica Conference will also host regular meeting of the Berriasian Working Group. The conference is open to anybody interested in Jurassic problematics …

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EGU Vienne – 7-12 avril 2013

L’étude intitulée « Impact of climate on the evolution of carbonate systems during the Middle and Late Jurassic : (Paris Basin, France) » par Benjamin Brigaud et Benoît Vincent a été présentée à Vienne dans la session « Mesozoic stratigraphy, paleoceanography and paleoclimate (sponsored by IAS) » – Chairperson: Jochen Erbacher & Ian Jarvis L’objectif …

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